Clip in Bangs - The Best Way To Try New Hairstyles

Clip in Bangs – The Best Way To Try New Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles and hair in general, we girls are always apprehensive and, at the same time, excited to experiment. Clip in Bangs is one such style that makes us sweat. Even though every girl with all types of hair, viz curly, straight or frizzy, can sport bangs and look gorgeous, the fear of spoiling the look makes us step back.

But, have you ever thought you could get the Clip in bangs and don’t have to cut your hair? Read on to find out how!

You might have heard or read about Clip-In hair extensions. Similarly, Clip-In bangs help us girls get the perfect bangs without trimming our precious mane. And this means you can try different hairstyles per the event or occasion. Also, did you know Hollywood celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner vouch for these?

Types of Clip-In Bangs:

As the best wig shop in Chennai, Da Extensionzz has the best collections of Clip-In Bangs that would suit your hair type.

  1. Side Fringe: Love to caress your hair all the time? Side Fringe is the one for you! It does not just frame your face perfectly; it also makes your features sharper. Side fringes can be worn by and suit women of all age groups.
  2. 100% Remy Human Hair Bangs: As the name suggests, they are made of natural human hairs and come in different varieties. Since they have a monofilament base, you can style them in any manner!
  3. Synthetic Top Bangs: These are made with synthetic fibers and a monofilament base that can be styled in any way.

Reasons to get Clip-In Bangs:

  1. Bangs tend to grow faster: Yes, and that means more trips to the salon to tame them with clip-in bangs that won’t be required too often.
  2. Need to be styled every day: Well, that’s the reality bangs need styling every day, or you might look straight out of bed. Clip-in bangs can be removed and won’t need the same amount of time to prep like natural bangs.
  3. Bangs turn oily and slick by the end of the day: Yes, being closer to the forehead, sweat and pollutants make them oily quicker.

Tips to get the perfect look!

At Da Extensionzz, the best permanent wig shop in Chennai, we don’t just provide the extensions. We also offer tips and tricks to look beautiful while being comfortable.

Here are some of the tips our team of experts has to share to get the perfect bangs/fringes!

  1. Trim: All the clip-in bangs can be customized according to the face shape and the desired style. Hence, you are open to experimenting! To ensure the perfect look, make sure you ask the experts to trim them a bit.
  2. Prep: Using a clip-in bang is super simple. It would be best if you prep the bangs by gently combing them with a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush. Part your hair in the middle and clip them in securely to use them.
  3. Blend: To get the seamless look, make sure you blend the clip-in bangs with your natural hair.
  4. Style: You can also style your bangs as per the need of the hour or the day to suit your overall attire.

We are sure that you would be all excited to try this fantastic way to get the fringes of your dreams without feeling guilty about chopping off your tresses and being under pressure to maintain them.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best wig shop in Chennai now by booking an appointment or walking in at our store!

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