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10 Things to Know about Men’s Hair Replacement!

In today’s world, hair replacement has been a hot topic or a new trend of the world. When we talk about hair replacement, there are a lot of facts we don’t have a clue about. In today’s world, the male hair replacement is more prominent than that of female. There are still many people who are planning to or are under the process for hair replacement.

Here are some facts you should know about hair replacement.
  1. Replacement should be your last resort:
    There have been many instances where people feel that hair replacement is just a one-time job done. But did you know, it always has to be your last resort since there are also alternatives that allow you to delay or even drop the idea of transplant or replacement of hair. So choose wisely before you plan a hair replacement.

  2. Chances of more than one setting:
    It is not assured that the complete process of replacement can be done in just one session or setting. Typically, on an average, a transplant requires at least two to four surgeries in the whole lifetime. It all depends on the type of your hair and other fine details about your hair.

  3. It is not a cure:
    People always are in the purview of the conclusion that hair replacement is the solution for various hair related problems. Male pattern baldness is genetic and progressive and while your surgery may be a complete success, your hair loss will continue. It’s for this reason that hair transplant surgeons advise patients to embark on medication therapy for around 12 months before undergoing surgical treatments.

  4. Hair replacements are not cheap:
    When the talks about hair replacement are in town, people often feel it’s an easy and pocket friendly process. But the reality is totally the opposite. The correction here is “ A good hair replacement is not cheap.” Plan ahead, be realistic with your finances and always consider a hair transplant as an investment in your appearance and ongoing wellbeing.

  5. The health insurance cover won’t subside it:
    A hair transplant is purely elective surgery. No amount of insisting that you need it for your self-esteem or to save your marriage will lead a health insurer to be sympathetic. This is why planning ahead is so important: you need to consider the financial impact of your hair transplant goals. Be sceptical of clinics that offer finance deals, too – there’s nothing wrong with it in principle, but just see it as a potential alarm bell that the clinic needs you more than you need them.

  6. The process might give you scars:
    Multiple factors will dictate the level of scarring you experience, from the skill and experience of your surgeon to the type of procedure used. Do not be conned into going ahead with a practitioner who promises a “scarless hair transplant.”

  7. It’s you who’s your donor:
    Unfortunately, your hair follicles don’t regenerate, and hair cannot be taken from another donor to be transplanted into your scalp. From the earliest signs of hair loss, it’s vital that you look after the hair you do have in order to keep it strong and healthy because you never know when you’ll need it.

  8. It gives you a mini vacation:
    A hair transplant is a significant procedure. Even the less invasive Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) technique will have you down for the count for at least a week. In that period, your grafts will be healing and to make sure they survive, you have to treat your transplant site as though it’s solid gold: stay out of the sun, rest up, keep hydrated and report any inklings of infection to your doctor immediately. There may be swelling and pain, you’re not meant to exert yourself and you might have to elevate your head when you sleep. Meanwhile, the transplant site is going to be unsightly for a while – so do yourself a favour, stay at home and binge-watch some Netflix or give time for your hobbies

  9. It isn’t for everyone:
    Hair transplant surgery isn’t for everyone. It may not even be the answer for you and your particular situation. Then again, if  you’ve exhausted other possibilities, been examined by an experienced professional and discussed the pros and cons with him or her, a hair transplant could be something that changes your life for the better.

So, this was something about what one should know about men’s hair replacement. So, choose wisely, choose smartly. Stay tuned to this space for more updates and information.

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