Men’s Hair Replacement & Education

Da Extensionzz Hair Solutions is your opportunity to take back control of your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair loss solution that suits everyone and every lifestyle

We design and offer premium bespoke hair replacement systems (hair pieces) crafted with authentic high grade human hair. The hair unit will replace the balding or thinning hair area on the top of your head, restoring almost instantly your natural and younger look with a full head of hair.

Boost your confidence with good looking hair!

Hair has a lot to do with how we see ourselves. We grew up with hair, moved into our lives with hair. It not only framed our faces, for many of us, but it also defined our youth and virility. And despite the fact that 80% of men will eventually experience male pattern Hair Loss, that doesn’t lessen the blow when it finally happens to us.

What do we offer?

100% natural results
Get any desired look in 2 hours
Made of 100% human hair
Custom-made fine membrane made in Europe
Non-surgical hair replacement procedure with no scars, no pain or side effects
Customized skin for every individual depending upon their requirements and matching color, texture and density of the existing hair
Easily maintainable and washable. Swim, comb, style, shampoo just like natural hair
Fits perfectly, ensuring an absolute stability under any circumstances
Perfect for men or women of any age suffering from hair loss
Looks and feels absolutely natural
Fixed by highly-trained professional and qualified team of hair experts

The short answer is no, rest assured that your hair toupee is not going to fall off. Just as there have been advances in hair toupee construction, so have there been advances in glues and tapes which have strong hold and last long periods of time.

Men’s hair toupees have come a long way in the past years. Production techniques are advanced and there is a lot of artistry involved. These days hair toupees are undetectable.

As real as your natural hair!

The wig is placed with a strong foundation so that it doesn’t fall off easily. It remains firm under any circumstances like in the event of riding a bike or even if you swim. The wig will be perfectly merged among your natural hair such that figuring out might be a difficult task.

Get your beautiful hair back at Da Extensionzz.

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